Wolfred loses a sock (by Millie)

By eaneikciv

I have tons of illustrations from Hitrecord stored on our iPad, and my 4 year old daughter loves to cut them out and make little animations with an iPad app called PuppetPals. This was made entirely by her, she pressed (or HIT) record, moved the animals, changed the backgrounds, and recorded the voiceover. As an afterthought, I kinda wish I had recorded her while she was creating this little animation and then mixed the two together, maybe next time! She literally makes about 10 of these a day, usually using Mirtle's lovely illustrations :)


i was unable to resource one of the background images, "trees" by mirtle, which can be found here: http://www.hitrecord.org/records/871211

Wolfred loses a sock (by Millie)

Created: Sep 19, 2012


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