What to Do When in Marshfield--The Hometown (W)O(e)de

By malnourishedmeg

What to do when in Marshfield.

A little surfing if the weather’s right.
No video games
They outlawed those a long time ago
Along with bowling alleys and public swimming pools.

Drive to other towns
Get out if you can

Sit in friends’ basements.
Watching Conan if you don’t fall asleep first.
He is always so funny and definitely worth watching the next day.

Go to the seashore.
Even if it’s cold.
The smell
Are totally worth the freezing winds coming in off the Atlantic.

Ding dong ditch
And all its variations.
Believe me, you’ll get real creative.

You’ll have to.

Eat. A lot.
There are great seafood restaurants here
And there’s one within five feet of you at any time.

And then you’ll need to exercise.
So go for a beach walk
Or hit the gym in the center of town.
They’ve got like two machines.

At night,
If you’re still not a Conan fan,
Sit out on your porch (everyone has one)
Watch the moon and the stars and smell the marshes and the ocean.

Because you’re in Marshfield.

What to Do When in Marshfield--The Hometown (W)O(e)de

Created: Jun 27, 2010


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