birthday party

By InkedCanvas

over at the Fireside RECharged mentioned a desire for a hotRECorder birthday list. I happen to think its a wonderful idea. We’re a company, a community and an interweb-based family... so why shouldn’t we celebrate each others’ birthdays? If you would like to be added to this list (which we hope you do) please leave a REmark stating the month & date of your birth and I’ll be sure to update the list REgularly.

**please submit your birthday only, as some people choose not to participate for their own reasons.. we shall allow them the option to keep their birth date private**

thanks bunches!! 



1st- jestsaying

5th- mnghali

6th- rjdpa

8th- MisterB & Albert

10th- ara

13th- DestinyMarie18

18th- fabulouslyfreckled

19th- pinkp

26th- Primary

29th- RECharged & SFBakstad & thewhitelady

30th- khrister

31st- monkeychow


1st- Psalmist

2nd- crispyfuller

7th- Alesia

12th- Malia

16th- artistposer 

17th- RegularJOE

26th- Niki

28th- CrashAndBurn


1st- crane_crafter

2nd- AmbrenotAmber

6th- Cchellz

14- starkjanus

16th- LilacAmy11

21st- Sara_Nova

24th- sb324


13th- _buttercup

14th- BRI93 & MattConley

18th- JPeezy

19th- Haus of Glitch

26th- SeraCurr

27th- jordyn.myah


3rd- phenomenaaa


10th- DianeFT

15th- fraeulein

16th- Catness


2nd- Kylier

6th- azry

8th- bloemday

16th- sinnamin


7th- AeB

12th- LydiaSaskia

16th- twistedthursday

18th- Michal

19th- Jennifer

22nd- rachelb

23rd- Damsel

26th- jaime2607

28th- Gidget0728


1st- Gimik Jo

4th- pprescott

6th- pohaku

23rd- MadisenMusic

25th- honeyboy & Tori

26th- kouralily


4th- brittanyalyse

8th- pamagotchi

13th- creative_green13

14th- Filmpunk

19th- sabine

23rd- GabyVaughan

29th- classicme

30th- Aszarkowski & sparra


2nd- Moonbug

16th- Day Glo

17th- beautiful_kitsch

18th- mirtle

20th- sfdetroiter


3rd- InkedCanvas

5th- layla

6th- IslandProphet

13th- The New-Age Thinker

16th- jme

25th- Toss

27th- Ashes2Ashes

30th- chigwinkle


5th- msmeganonymous

12th- melonberri

17th- ashleewithani

30th- lindzey42 & imadealine

birthday party

Created: Jun 27, 2010

Tags: birth, bday, birthdays, celebrate

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