The Whore

By ialexmac

He smelled like an unclean penis.

That's what she had said to him, the Whore, and of course, if anyone should know what an unclean penis would smell like, it would definitely be her.

"You smell like a dirty cock!" the Whore said, laughing at him as he tried to walk past, quickly, trying not to be noticed.

But she had noticed him instantly; the pathetic looking little thing, and he really did remind her of the smell of a filthy cock.
A big, greasy, dirty and diseased cock.

Her rotten stomach slowly turned in her horrible body as she pictured it - she tried not to, but it kept coming back, huge and fierce, penetrating her mind; its vile semen shooting up her brain-stem, fertilizing her thoughts with filth.

She was often swarming with cock; in her cunt, her ass, her hands, her mouth, sometimes her armpits, and in the fleshy joints behind her knees, and even jammed between what tits she had, that fell flat, empty, wrinkled and worn on her pale bony chest, but this stink was worse than all of that.

"You ought to wash," the Whore said. She had stopped laughing, and was coughing up some flem. She spat it on the street in front of him.

The nerve of it, Rupert thought, a filthy whore like her; such street trash, an Alley-Cunt, telling a kind boy like him, a shy young innocent virgin, a pathetic and weak attempt of a boy like Rupert that HE ought to wash.

For once, he would not stand for it.

"You should wash! I can smell your...privates...from here!"

Oh dear. What an appalling attempt he had made at vilifying her. Such embarrassment would hang in the air for hours, like the stench of the Whore's cunt.

"My 'Privates'?", the Whore laughed again at him.
"You hear that girls?", she continued to the other whores, hidden in the stinking shadows around her, "I should wash my 'Privates'!"

All the other Alley-cunts started to laugh. Rupert felt disgust for himself, for his shameful try. He forgot himself for a moment, and his tiny penis, hidden somewhere in his stained underwear, started to dribble piss.

The Whore could smell it before she saw it, darkening his wimpish grey trousers. She knew exactly what piss smelled like, much like the cocks it came from. She knew what it tasted like, what it felt like to be soaked in it. With her stomach still twisting, she brought up some of her lunch, half digested, drenched in cum. She spat it out at Rupert, who was now crying, cowering, just stood there.

Why couldn't he just get himself together and walk away, run away, just get out of there? Why did he just stand there? Rupert was a miserable form of life, he felt like a cripples pissings, stood there helpless in front of these wrecked woman, tears pouring from his ugly little eyes, and his useless little prick.

"This pathetic little thing was trying to insult me there ladies i think," the Whore said.

'Ladies' Rupert thought, how wretched an opinion.

"This useless waste of a wombs walls, is stood here pissing his pants, crying his twisted little crippled eyes out, and he thinks he's better than us!"

The Whore was still laughing, but worryingly for Rupert, who was as helpless as a watery shit waiting to be flushed down into the sewers, he could hear an anger swelling in her.

"He thinks i need to wash my 'Privates'" she wailed, "and by that little boy, i guess you mean to say my CUNT!?"

She spat the word 'CUNT' out at him, her saliva flavoured by piss and sickness and cum, hitting him in the mouth. He coughed up some bile, to get rid of the taste.

The other whores were all laughing still, and even a Fat Man, sat in his car at the side of the road, who was pushing his thick sweaty cock deep into a dark skinned Alley-Cunts mouth was laughing at him.

"You! Whore!", the Fat Man called out his window, "I'll give you a hundred to show that little queer your cunt!"

"A hundred!" the Whore shrieked, "Just to show him it? You gone crazy Fat Man!?"

"No!" the Fat Man bellowed and groaned as he blasted his huge sagging balls into the black whores throat, "I hadn't finished!"

"You have now baby", the black whore smiled as his ugly white
semen dripped thick from her mouth down her cheek.

The Fat Man laughed at her and pushed her away, disgusted, "No, I hadn't finished what i was saying... I want you to show that little queer your cunt, up close, i want you to stick it in his stupid little queer face!"

Rupert who was now surrounded by the whores, normally mostly too pathetic to do anything other than stand there, crying, pissing himself, finally got enough courage, from God knows where in that ruined soul of his, to try and leave.

"No its ok," he pleaded, "Its ok, i'm going to go now.."

"You're not going anywhere you little shit!", the Fat Man had got out of his car, his huge yellowish cock was still hanging out his fly, cum was still dripping from it.

"You're not going anywhere, you're going to let this Whore show you what she's got, she's gonna put it right in your fucking face, to make sure you see exactly what she's got, or would you rather get this," the Fat Man grabbed his heavy cock, "in your fucking face? Would you rather see what i've got? You little queer prick!"

"What? Why? No, please, you don't need to do this!" Rupert begged.

The Fat Man slapped him hard across his tiny, limp head.

"Listen to me you little puke, you insulted the ladies cunt, without even seeing it,"

"I'm sorry, please, i don't need it in my face..."

"You told this lady that she needed to get it washed, which means that its either dirty, or that it smells, and how the fuck you can tell that from where you're stood, and what you've seen is beyond me!"

Rupert looked down at the ground, bewildered by his situation. On the ground he could see that the Fat Mans cock was still dripping. He thought about how much semen the Fat Man must have had inside him. Rupert could barely make enough for it to drip out let alone fill a whores mouth and still be dripping yet. He felt completely useless.

"And there is no way you could smell it, not with all this other stench in the air, and all that fucking piss in your pants, you little sack of shit!"

The Fat Man kicked Rupert over, and the Whore stepped forward. Rupert began grovelling, begging, crying even louder, his pants were sodden now, both sides.

The Fat Man, disgusted by this worthless life-form, grabbed it by its disgusting face.

"One more fucking noise out of that shithole of a mouth and i'll put my fucking fist through your head so hard you'll never wake up again! Got that!"

Rupert thought about how such a terrible thing, right now, didnt seem that bad an idea. His whole life had been painful, and it continued, it never failed to continue to be a nightmare.

"Now get your cunt out and get it in this little piece of shits fucking face!"

The Whore lifted her skirt uncovering a dank grey horror of a hole, greasy long dark hairs hanging from it, her outer labia tired and sagging and crusty from being so dry. She squatted down, her cunt opening up, down onto Ruperts face. He gagged as its aged stench smothered him.

He began to vomit, more bile, to fight the horror that lay its ghastly lips against his. But it wasn't enough.

"Ooh, listen to that girls! He doesn't like it, maybe its a bit dry down there, maybe he wants it a bit wetter?"

"Piss on his face!" The Fat Man shouted, as his cock started thickening with the exhilarated blood pumping into it; a huge fiendish looking thing, swelling with joy.

The Whore began to piss and Rupert who was now choking on the vomit filling his mouth, felt as if he might get to choke to death, as if he may no longer need to suffer, but the Whores piss assuaged that, helping to wash the chunks of spew down his throat.

She started to finger herself, opening up her vagina, and using the piss as a lubricant. As she stuck her fingers more deeply inside herself, thick chunks of yeast began dropping out of her vicious vulva, and into Ruperts mouth. He could taste its thickness; pastey and vile. More sickness was coming up, but her hot piss kept washing it down.

Her other hand meanwhile had been wanking off the Fat Man, and he growled loudly as he came, and it spurted, a thick line of cum, hitting Rupert in the face, and another, hitting him in the eye, the semen dribbled down his cheek with his tears, side by side, as another spear of sperm hit his head. The Fat Man started to howl with laughter as the Whores piss just kept coming.

Rupert wished he would drown in it. But he knew he wouldn't.

As she finished pissing down his throat, the Fat Man, still laughing, still dribbling, leant forward and slid three of his meaty fingers into the Whores asshole and began violently thrusting them back and forth, each time going deeper and deeper in, and with absolute brutality, causing her to groan and shake, before finally he yanked his fingers out with such force that the entire gory contents of her lower gut came flooding out, spilling all over Rupert. Sickly pale coloured shit, slimy, mixed with cum and piss, and god knows what else soaked into his clothes, and into his flesh. It was grotesquely warm, and the Whore was gurning horribly, making such shameful sounds of pain and pleasure.

Rupert just lay there crying, choking on what was left of the vomit and piss and chunks of yeast in his mouth. It was as if he could feel himself becoming diseased by it all, as if he was slowly dying.

And as the fat man finally zipped away his slimy thick dribbling cock, and as the Whore finally covered up her gory and glistening, cold fleshy cunt, Rupert passed out, and finally, never woke again.

The Whore

Created: Jun 26, 2010


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