Dear Jane

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Dear Jane
Your words ache and swell
delicately into bone
looking faintly like worn lumber

And it all blends and peels into
Rose water skin
And black beetle hair
That I grope and grasp while you slumber

And the glass it streaks and sprays
And colours thick and dark
And the cries are bold and brass
Like lipstick that smears the door frame

Dear John
You let me down
onto the bridge where our mothers conceived
Pilfering songs and rubber maid dolls
In the spring of last winter

You wrote my name
In a wrought iron cage,
kissed me softly on the shoulder
saying, my blood, my heart, my soul
All yours to dismember
To contender
To remember
Please be tender

And I left him in the river

To all the girls he’s loved
To all the girls you love
To all the girls he’s loved
Don’t wait too long
Don’t wait, to long
Don’t wait too long
Just stay

Created: Jun 26, 2010


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