the game

By Cait

The walls are shaking
there is a thud in the distance
the walls are shaking
but i do not believe
because this is not real
the walls are shaking
i am home safe
i am not rail thin with chest bones sticking out
i am not jumping at each noise

i sit on the balcony
and watch my friend the sea
i am in love with looming majestic ships
but these ships so close have red blinking lights
the walls are shaking
these red blinking lights smirk and wink
and are laughing at me
i know they cannot see me
but i feel like they can
i creep back

i am not brave

they are reapers
i am surrounded by scythes
swarms of reapers
i have no where to run
i should give up and sleep but my heart is screaming run
i have no where to run
none of us can ever run
my heart pounds until my ears give up
and stop listening

the walls are still shaking

the shadows overhead are birds of prey
great white sharks gliding through clouds above my head
there is someone in a room somewhere
pressing buttons
like a game
this is all a game
that family is okay
because this is just a game
the walls are shaking
i think i will get home
but i am high up in this dusty old building
and in this game the higher up
the more the birds of prey will pounce
i am waiting for them to pounce

would it hurt?

and then my walls will stop shaking

the game

Created: Jun 26, 2010


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