poem - let us

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let us crave for a human touch. let us be weak.
let us not tell our friends. let us keep it to ourselves.
let us be alone. let us be lonely. let us not care.
let us carry ourselves like we do not give a damn.
let us pretend not to care. let us say no to ourselves.

let us think that we have it harder than others
let us say we have it rough. let us pretend we know suffering.
let us compare our life to another. let us see how bad ours is.
let us not see what other people go through. let us close our eyes. let us lead the blind.
let us put ourselves above others by sharing our suffering.
let us be grand by being honest.
let us be quiet and dark by cowering in the corner. let us escape every passing glance.

let us be miserable knowing our happiness is out there a few clicks, a phone call or 140 characters away.
let us not use technology to our advantage. let us waste time.
let us watch kittens fall off tall stools while our souls cry to our minds. let us not listen.

let us be occupied. let us not have a free moment. let us not think.
let us not contemplate our existence because it's too late.
let us not find out we missed our chance. let us have hope.
let us wait for that magical moment between hope and dispair.
let us begin every day with a smile to another day of waiting.
let us wait. let us know how this new day will end. let us end this day.

let us see past all the "no"s and their absence. let us think yes. let us be misled.
let us be strong for our senses until they make sense of this mess.
let us clean our space. let us begin a new life.
let us see clearly now, forward. let us be firm in our strive.
let us depend on each other. let us be brave.
let us open our hearts. let us see past the nonsense. let us be smart.
let us go up to that challenge and master our fears. let us have the heart.
let us not be afraid to have fear. let us have fear. let us be free.

let us see where this leads us. let us write down what we feel.
let us share our feelings. let us be ignored.
let us fall on our noses and fail once again.
let us lose our breath. let us be weak. let us think death will solve all our problems.
let us sit still. let us not breath. let us not move. let us implode. let us not be.
stillness is perfection.

let us not kid ourselves.

this is my first edit/rough draft of one of those 3am flashes i get after being drunk from exhaustion not able to sleep. any creative input appreciated.

ps: by "let us" i mean us people. all of us. but if you find it better to see the "us" differently that is fine. please let me know what it is.

Created: Jun 25, 2010

Tags: not understanding, venns, behaviour, text, social, poem, 2010, let us, human condition, behavior, anti social

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