how to be NORMAL!

By amygreenland

There once was a little girl who was sure she wasn’t part of this world. She would sing, dance and spin while the other kids answered questions and focused on ‘more important things.’ She was happy and alive.

Until one day she was told her singing sounded bad, her dance steps were wrong and spinning was a silly thing even for someone so young. “Please sit with the other kids and focus on those important things.” The little girl did as told after all she was just a child. What could she possibly know?

She sat still and answered every question but the reply she got was always “no, no, NO!”

“Fun time!!” alerted the god of all things (also known as Mrs Johnston). Finally, the time for fun, the time to sing, dance and spin -let the happiness begin. But fun time did not include such things. “Play with your friends,” told the god of all things, that is how little girls have fun. The little girl did as told, after all she was so small, what could she possibly know?

The little girl grew and became a woman. She married a man who convinced himself he loved this lady who would secretly sing, dance and spin and often do it for him.

He loved to watch her sing, dance and spin….until the bills came in.

He loved to watch her sing, dance and spin….until around seven thirty PM (also known as dinner time)

He loved to watch her sing, dance and spin ….until wives who focused on ‘important things’ would come in.

He loved to watch her sing, dance and spin until he needed someone to focus on his…ummm man thing.

Yep he was almost, totally, pretty sure he thought he loved her…

The woman had children then grandchildren…none of them came to visit. They hated having a gran who told them not to sing, dance and spin.

how to be NORMAL!

Created: Jun 25, 2010


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