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Yeah, I said "Higher Resolution Virgin".... What about it? We need to start a discussion about how we, video editors of, can collaboratively edit a video in HIGH RESOLUTION. It's obvious that our video quality is only as good as our resources. We cannot add resolution that is not there. However, we can take steps to procure a better quality video in case hitRECord decides to produce a COLLABORATIVELY EDITED VIDEO outside of the website.

Already I have been practicing the conversion of all my REsources (that I intend to edit) in a larger unanimous codec before I begin to cut. Because when editing multiple formats (e.g. wmv, mov, avi, mpeg1, mpeg2, mp4 etc.) our applications convert and downgrade quality in doing so (a side note).

We do not have control of the quality of the REsources that we choose to edit. Yet, we control what we upload to the site.

What I propose is that specifically for COLLABORATIVE EDITED VIDEOS, we begin to practice creating/uploading

1: a compressed, streamable/ viewable version of that video (as normal)

and link it to

2: a larger file size, HIGH RESOLUTION copy of that same video.

If we zip the HIGH RESOLUTION copy it will upload just fine but not be viewable.

Then the next editor can download and edit on top of the ZIPPED HIGH RESOLUTION copy. When they are finished they will also upload their video with the same requisites above.

If we practice this, then we can have a much better quality video than what is viewed online. Even if the finished version is not in a HIGH RESOLUTION format, then perhaps we can piece it together if incase it does become selected for a larger production than viewing it on the site.

What do you think?

Created: Jun 25, 2010


Dr_Gory Video Media