That Lying Silver Screen

By LizLongley

That silver screen everyone visits at least once
That screen that moves from one place to millions or billions of homes
That screen that says how love, relationships, and heartaches are or should be
That screen that gives hope to the hopeless
Gives laughter to the depressed
Gives ideas to the uninspired
People, as well as I know it lies
Some people look for that silver screen love
Some people believe that things will work out just like on that screen
What a slap.... when people finally wake up to reality!
Also no relationship has that perfect little ending
Everyone has problems in relationships, some work out, some don't
Some marriages last a life time, some last for months, and some never get back together
Some childhood loves, do make it, and some never see each other again
On that screen it shows friendships that have burses that heal but not many that I’ve seen that don't
Not everyone watches everything that is shown on that screen, only certain types of "entertainment"
Opinions , critiques, ratings; what matters to the person is why they watch
If the world was one big silver screen what would happen?
Would life be full of drama, comedy, horror, sex, everything in between?
But isn't life already, but in some cases more severe?
What if life is just one big reel of film?
Who is watching?
Who would watch?
Would I even watch my life as a movie?
So many questions... that damn lying silver screen.

That Lying Silver Screen

Created: Jun 23, 2010


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