Single Serving Friends

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You surround yourself with "friends"
People who are there for you
People who can understand you
People who "know" you
People who won't leave you
And then...
... there are your single serving friends
People who you think are there
But disappear when they are needed
People who you trust
But talk behind your back
People who you open up to
But they don't understand one word
People who ask for help
But then give nothing in return
People who use you and say you can ask for anything
But when asked they just turn away
Who are these single serving friends
They could be anyone...
... even yourself
Don't be the single serving
Be the whole thing
No one wants to be let down
No one wants to be left out
No one wants to be laughed at
No one wants to TRULY be alone
Because with no one there...
What’s really left?

Created: Jun 23, 2010


LizLongley Document Media