Old Wounds Starting to Heal

By LizLongley

The old wounds of the past are finally starting to heal

The longing for drink, smoke and fulfilling my lust

My longing for drink has become somewhat quenched

That kind of smoke no longer is needed to fill my lungs

I have been controlling my lust and focusing more on the love of other around me

The wanting to cut and bleeding in my car is gone

The symbols and proof of that have just been removed

My old wounds have been covered by warm hugs of loved ones

They have been cleaned by other caring words

They haven't completely left because it’s good to remember the past

But I will not become consumed by it, I won't let myself

My days are no longer filling with consuming my mischievous wants

Instead, taking care and loving others

I must say not all days are so easy and the want is still there

And with those scars staring, wanting, waiting

At times I want to give into all of them

But what I do to stop myself before they deeds are carried out

I'm surrounded by the ones I love, in pictures, mementos, or anything that makes the think and stop

My loved ones are my cure

Old Wounds Starting to Heal

Created: Jun 23, 2010


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