Love story

By arit

she fell for a boy who had nothing for her

and as days went by all she could do was just fall harder

he gave her mixed signals and twisted her mind

she didnt know for sure if she was wasting her time

she thought about him each day and each night

and her heart skipped a beat each time he was in sight

she got butterflys at the thought and mention of his name

and hoped and prayed he felt the same

one day she decided to put it to an end

and finally tell him she wanted to be more than friends

she went up to him but before she could say a word

he looked at her with a smile and said have you heard

i've got a girlfriend and i like her alot

and right then and there she realized she had taken her spot

and once those sad words had softly been spoken

all in all her life became broken

Love story

Created: Jun 22, 2010


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