Game Under (sceenplay for short film)

By Xristompousi

Hello there... This is my first RECord and it is actually a screenplay.
Please read and tell me what you think!!!



There is a man standing in the chair and he is putting all
the pieces for a backgammon game to take place. We see
another man approaching. By the time the second man arrives
the border game is ready.

Can you believe this Tom!!! People
are crazy, I'm telling you... No,
no, they are stupid, yeah that's
what they are!!

Tom gives the second man the one dice and they both rolled
the dice. Tom wins the chance to start the game. The second
man is pissed.

Not only they are stupid but they
are lucky to!!!

Tom smiles

You see this girl calls me in the
middle of my afternoon nap and ask
me (in silly voice) Who do you
think is best for president this
guy or this guy? (back to normal)
And I'm like, what, who??? She
repeats the question and I'm,
steady calm and ready to pop. And I
say to her. Who the fuck do I think
is best for president? Well let me
tell you sweetie! The first
motherfucker is like my ass nothing
good comes out of it as for the
second motherfucker he is like my
balls to old to fuck and that,
makes him the perfect decor in a
fucked up system like that... to
tell the truth I don't know in
which point she hung up!!!

The game continues, the dice goes back and forth and the
pieces are moving

But wait, that wasn't the case, no,
that was only the beginning. Just
after the phone ended the doorbell
rang, another fucker that wants to
save the planet by selling
calendars. Just before he said
anything I'm like.
Fuck you motherfucker, do I look
like someone who gives a shit about
time... and just so you know, the
planet is fine, it will survive
whatever is coming, you know what
won't survive... the people and
guess what, I don't give a flying
fuck about people, so fuck you the
planet and your calendar!!!

Tom is listening, just listening, doesn't say nothing. The
game continues and so does the second man

Of course the kid left running,
what did you expect?

Tom is closing his eyes lift up his eyebrows and opens his

I know I'm harsh but... they never
listen, they tease me all the time,
like I'm a stupid child...

Tom looks at the second man

You are right, I am stupid but I'm
not a child!!!

Tom continues the game nodding

Speaking of child... on my way here
I bumped into a group of this
little pricks. They where playing
in the street alright... since they
have no park to play in, but...
Anyway... One of them hits me with
the ball and believe me when I say
that wasn't the problem. What made
me nervous was the fact that the
same prick that hit me said "Hey
old fart give as the ball back"

Tom stops and looks at the second man

Yeah you heard it, he called me an
old fart. I laughed and just before
they make any move or sound I got
my knife out stubbed the ball, let
it dropped turned around and fared
so loud, they never saw it coming.
I turned again and pointing with
the knife the prick and I told him
laughing "Old fart, that was a good

Tom is feeling disappointed

What I did was wrong I admit it,
but don't tell me that the children
are the future and all that crap
cause we both know that by the time
the future comes they won't be
children anymore, so blow me!!!

Tom still doesn't speak and looks more skeptic than ever.

Hey, man... I said I was wrong in
this one... I don't know, I mean
what would you do?

Tom throws the dice back in the game.

Hey, Tom... Speak to me!!!

Tom continues the game and he is ready to make his next move.
The second man doesn't let him and grabs Tom's hand. Tom
still tries to make his move. The second man let's Tom's hand
and he grabs the game board and he throws it up in the air
making all the pieces spread everywhere

Why did you had to go so early???

Tom just stands there with his white piece in the hand, not
saying and not doing anything. We see the second man crying
and holding the same white piece in his hand. He slowly put
the piece back in the game and there we see that the game
board is back in the place like it had never left. The second
man stands up. There is no Tom only the white grave with the
game over it.

Thanks for listening son.

The second man closes the game and he lives the cemetery.


Thanks for reading!!! {^_^}

Game Under (sceenplay for short film)

Created: Jun 22, 2010


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