Detroit Dead Poet Dreamer

By EriNelaineXXII

I propose a toast to those great ones who have gone before us... musicians, artists, poets, writers, mad scientists, & intellects alike. I guess perhaps I'm just in one of 'those' moods, but I'd rather not sit & wait to watch fate pass me by. And while I can identify with 'Sally', it's just not in me to let the world pronounce me as insignificant or invisible. It's as if I woke up and came to the realization one day & that while the world can reject me, I won't reject life. I can't.

Which brings me to my case in point... Music, lyrics, poetry, art, literature. It makes my world spin & keeps me in perpetual motion. I may be so bold to be so naive sometimes, and sometimes even more too forward when the better of me knows to be shy & reserved. But that's who I am. So, why live a lie? Why walk this earth staring at the same moon & stars as the great ones that have gone before us, convincing myself that I must act a perscribed way to our society? Must I hold back all my thoughts of admiration for those I love truly, who have inspired me to do & experience wonderful things in my life?

Does ANYONE know what I mean? Am I making any sense at all, any notion or vauge conception? I feel so tragically alone as I write this, wondering to myself if anyone while ever even care to read this or think anything of what I write. Then I stop & must remind myself, I'm not proclaiming to be anything of a demi-god... I only wonder if maybe, just maybe, I could mean more to someone in this world than just another stranger with a thought & name. Mine is Erin Elaine Sawden. That name could matter someday, many, many years from now. As I hope the same for all your names too.

For all my friends, I invite you to write, carpe diem... even if you 'think' no one will ever care to read it or what you say will never matter. It's a beautiful thing to just let go sometimes... don't hold back, say what you truly wish you could say to someone, anyone in person.

So dream it. Write it. Hit RECord. Press Play. Live it. Share It. That's why we're here.

-That's All She Wrote...
Ms. EriN Elaine Sawden XXII

Detroit Dead Poet Dreamer

Created: Jun 22, 2010


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