the few days you lose yourself

By nel2

Sometimes it's a push.
Sometimes a pull.
Maybe even a wave...
A couple of times it was a wave...

And when it starts to burn,
you know you're done.
You've won.

It's all out now, isn't it?
Your tears stream down...
Just for a moment.

The rain shuts
And a fall crashes it all

And that's when you know you've beat yourself.
Perhaps you've won,
Perhaps it was brutal.

And that's when you leave.
...And then crash.
Put on Reservoir Dogs..
Or the one where Fred dies.
They just HAD to kill Fred. Poor Freddie...
Or any other fucking cult movie.
And suck on an orange until it's all better.

the few days you lose yourself

Created: Jun 21, 2010


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