The Devil in the Dark

By JACKi3-0

Darkness is the devil,
and as you slink through the thick of it,
fear of the unknown grabs hold and suffocates your last breath.

It brings sleep.
That thing that you try to avoid
because it steals away time and precious youth.
After all, it is halfway to death.

It brings on the full moon.
That calls out the crazies,
and the howls,
and the things that go bump in the night.

It makes you hide under covers,
and hold your breath,
and reach out for someone,
anyone to save you.

You're forced to make contact with the ones closest to you
so the strange part is,
it brings you closer to love.

And in the end of it all,
when the light returns,
you are not alone.

So maybe,
darkness is not the devil after all.

The Devil in the Dark

Created: Jun 19, 2010


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