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We will not tolerate perfection or poverty…we are born for days like this
We will not adhere to the slip of your tongue…we are born to let go of your decision

We dream, and more so think, of the life we could have had, but we tolerate lack of progression
We dream of a world where we can just take life easy, breathe life back,
and hurry to cloud nine. But we tolerate only fantasy .

We were born for days like this
Days that fill your soul with anger and happiness
Days that make you indecisive or impulsive
Days that make you know true love was a story written, and past down from generation, to the big screen.

Days that prepare you for the impossible, yet weaken you with all its restraints
Days that deny you access to routine and keep you inconsistent
Those days that make you miss your own existence and settle for societies

A born day, is a new day, that includes the nurturing of your thinking, and the growth of your knowledge.
A born day, is a new day that includes old memories and your expansion away from the bad ones
A born day, is like the birth of a new person, starting over is the scary part, getting started is difficult,

I like those days. They make life, make sense

Created: Jun 19, 2010


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