the kitten stories (chapter 9, sober house)

By spin

Sober House:

*She walks in the back door of the sober house after hopping the fence from the wash to find Katie in a fret with Dave, Carly drooling over pictures of older guys, and Sara reading a book.*

* talking a stern but friendly tone*
BREE: “ hey guys, Katie! Dave! Give it a rest would ya’!”
KATIE: “ He says that sativa’s aren,t better than indicas!”
BREE: “ you two shouldn’t be talking about drugs in the first place. Your living in a sober house! No more of that. And besides everyone has their own preferences. If he likes indicas then he likes the feeling of his muscles relaxing with out the feeling of being stoned. Carly stop drooling over older guys. They aren’t for you and you know better.”

*slightly higher pitched voice*
CARLY: “ I can get them.”
BREE: “ Have you tired looking for people your own age?”

*in a wine*
CARLY: “ they’re no fun though.”

bree rolls her eyes and moves her way around the house like she has done a thousand times before, rounding up all of the awake kids and bringing them into the living room so they can get the meeting over with. Cause they all hate doing it. But bree because she is the counsler does more time there than she should. Serina the gal who owns and runs the sober house took bree in as a counsler when she started the sober house. And back then the only experience she had was that she was always comforting her friends and giving them advice. But she has gotten rather attatched to all of the kids here. She spends more time caring about them and her friends than herself. She calls them kids cause they are still growing up mentally but really they are all between the ages of 13 and 23, but she loves them all for different reasons.

Carly is a tipical 19 year old. She has long blond hair, and hazel eyes that make her seem older than she really is, which is how she got to date all of the older men she has dated. Its almost a pride point for her. she is completely and utterly fixated on older guys, and so any guys around her age don’t even get a chance. She looks and acts like she is trying to be a plastic doll, and even though that always buggs bree, carly has some amazing insite into how people work, and how groups work. Carly can analize a conversation and get more out of it than the people involved or listening ever would unless they asked her. and she used that ability to get herself pot, acid, and meth. Once it clicked in her head that she was a 19 year old addicted to acid she came here on her own along with Dave.

Dave on the other hand is a totally skater boy outcast. Complete with dyed black hair, really tan skin, brown eyes, piercings, and of course the skateboard that is never more than 10 feet away from him. He’s very introverted about how smart he is, but when he choses to let it show its always shocking. He is truly an intellectual. He will sit in the corner of a room and just break down who you are and what your habits are by your body language and how you cary yourself. He is always watching people, and it’s a habit for him because that’s how he kept himself in the groups that would let him do the most drugs. He is here because of his heroin addiction when he was 18 he had been chasing a new high for years and now at 19 he wants to be sober. He and carly know each other because they both came here together. They met on the street and hung out with each other and helped each other out. They came to the disission together that they needed to go to a rehab place but neither of them wanted to be drugged up to all hell thats why they came here. its a natural sober house. yes they knew it would be harder on them, but it would be better for them as well.

Sara is the quiet little asian girl. She looks almost like a librarian with her hair always being in a loose bun and the thin black squared off glasses she has, but the bright red pallets in her hair give away her punker side. She loves reading horror and poetry and unless she is directly being asked something most of the time she will stay quiet and read her book. But god forbid she got mad. Every cop in Westlake knows her by name. she may look like a skinney little teenager but she can knock someone out in one hit as 3 cops found out when a guy took her book from her at starbucks. She is here cause she is an alcoholic. she is the youngest one here, but she has been drinking for the longest. At 13 she has been drinking for 6 years. She started with trying to be like her mom. she would drink and read and then fall asleep with ½ a glass of scotch left over. When her mom found a bottle of scotch in her room she was sent here.

And then there’s Katie. Katie is a smart, model like Barbie doll that leaped out of the box and became life sized. She was braught here by bree. She is a suicidal teeneager who is 2 years younger than her but in almost the exact same place she was 2 years ago. She was living in a house full of alcoholics and couldn’t do anything about it, her brother hit her, her mom hit her when she was drunk, and her dad would hit her and her mom. and Katie see’s bree as a mother figure for her ever since she became bree’s freshman last year. which is why she agreed to come here in the first place. Soon as she was out of the hospital she came here.

All of them are very keen on respect, and this is her normal night time group.they were normally the only ones awake when she got here and they were normally sleeping during the day.

*bree projects her voice a little bit so as to draw everyones attention*
BREE: “ carly put down the magazine, sara put down your book, every one come over here so we can get this done and over with.”

*Everyone that’s awake stops what their doing and goes over to the brown couches in the living room.*

BREE:” alright, sara lets start with you. Did you talk to your mom this week when she came by to visit you?”

*very quiet and calm middle toned voice*
SARA: “yes.”
BREE: “ and How did it go? You haven’t spoken to her since she put you here.”
SARA: “ fine.”
BREE: “ Sara, you know you have to actually talk during these don’t make me work it out of you.”

*sara starts talking in more of an irritated tone of voice*
SARA: “fine, you want to know how it went. She came in here smelling like scotch, saying that she was really sorry but it was for my own good. When I actually tried to talk to her she said I was just suffering effects from quitting. She said my grandpa died last week and that she just got back from the funeral in utah yesterday! No one bothered to tell me. My grandma is now in the hospital cause she had a stroke at the funeral and I’m not allowed to visit! She said that she is suffering too because she says I’ve shamed the family even though I’m still getting straight A’s and keeping up on everything I possibly can from here.!”

*sara’s hand starts slowly tightening around her black hardcovered book and carly and dave are now keeping under very close watch. Carly is staring at the wall focusing on the words and how they are being said. Dave is now keeping watch on her from the corner of his eye.*

DAVE: “ sara. Calm down. Just breath for a minute. We don’t want you to snap tonight. We know you’ve been through a lot but…. “

*in a calm voice*
BREE: “Dave, let her speak.”

*dave nods his head but give’s bree a cautioning look.*
BREE (CONTINUED): “sara, continue please.”

*mid sentence tears start rolling down her face but she doesn’t notice and keeps going. Becoming more enraged as she gets to the end,*
SARA: “ my dad found out that I’m bisexual and is saying that its just a faze and that I need to be fixed. He keeps saying that I’m diseased. And that I need to be more chrisian when I don’t even believe in Christianity! I’m not sick, I’m not diseased I’m just me!!”

*At the last part she finally snaps and starts screaming and yelling and cursing and punching as many hard objects that she can. When she pulls her arm back to hit something else she elbows bree on the color bone and hits dave in the stomach. Dave and Bree react the quickest, dave gets a good hold of her hands and keeps her from punching things, while bree locks her arms through Sara’s elbows and pins her arms at her sides and bree wraps her legs around sara’s ankles and they fall onto the couch behind them. Dave is still grabbing sara’s wrists and they hold her there until she calms down. once she starts calming down carly steps in. and starts massaging her hand.*

*in a calm non-chalont voice somewhat giggling. A large pleasant smile on her face.*
CARLY:” wow, that’s the most we’ve ever heard you talk. “

*bree curls sara in her lap and starts cudling her. bree brushes away her tears and gently combs her fingers though saras hair. she talks with a sweet voice*
BREE: “Shhhhhh, its okay, I’m right here. You’re not diseased. But even when your not accepted by anyone, you’re accepted by us. Thank you for venting out you and I will talk more about this tomorrow. Dave your up. You got to talk to your dad today. How’d that go?“

*talking in his deep smooth voice*
DAVE: “ it went alright. My dad Is still a drunk, my sister is in collage now, and my mom is going to illinios to visit her sister.”

*sounding a little suprized*
BREE: “wow. That’s really mild for your family, carly did your mom call you this week?”

*still massaging sara’s hand*
CARLY: “ no she’s still in brazil. But my aunt called me. And she’s doing well, she just got a modeling job. My little brother and my cousin got into varsity baseball together, and their visiting aunt May till Tuesday. And I got B’s and C’s on my report card.”

*bree still talking in a sweet voice, and is still cuddling sara but looks over to Katie, where she sits in the floor with a stunned look on her face.*
BREE: “ whats up with you? You’re looking kind-of frozen.”

*in a shocked voice*
KATIE: “ how did… what did….. what the fuck?!”
BREE: “ kate what are you talking about?”
KATIE: “ she was up and like out of control, and now she’s like…… how did you do that?? How did you act that fast??”
BREE: “ remember, I did martial arts for 12 years. And this is my job, I know your still new here, and your still getting used to this place. But some of the people here have really hot tempers and some of them snap cause of stress like in her case. It doesn’t make them any different of a person they just had a moment. Sara just had a moment cause of stress. Sometimes you have to let people get to that breaking point so they can be able to talk about it more calmly later.”
KATIE: “ but she hit you! And dave too!”
DAVE:” sometimes you have to take the hit. I needed to get to her arms so she wouldn’t hurt herself. She punches really fuckin quick, and so taking a punch was the easiest way to go about it.. She only got out 2 punches before I was able to get done what was needed. I’m used to this sort of thing, so’s bree. We both know how to take a hit.”
KATIE: “ why aren’t you guys like in pain or offended or mad or whatever??”
BREE: “ just like insults you let them roll off of you. In the long run they don’t matter or even really hurt that bad. Every punch you throw eventually doesn’t mean anything truely significant in most situations. The same goes for punches received.”

*Katie gets the point and takes a closer look at bree’s face. Katie speaks in a curious tone of voice*
KATIE: “did she hit you in the face too?”
BREE: “ no why?”
KATIE:” cause your cheek is like red and your other one isn’t.”

*dave looks over*
DAVE: “ I heard about that today. You forced a womanizer to respect you. Didn’t hear about you actually getting hit though…”
BREE: “ he was a womanizer?”
DAVE:” yes he was.”
BREE: “ Oh. Huh, koodoes to me. His brother broke the wash rule.”

*talking in a confused tone.*
KAITE: “ whats with all this wash rule shit?”
DAVE: “ the other way I know bree other than thought here is that she is known by a name your probably not familiar with.”
KATIE: “ well, what is it?”
CARLY: “ peace keeper.”
BREE: “ guys she doesn’t need to know about that. “
KATIE: “ why don’t I need to know?”
BREE: “ Because its something that I only got involved in cause I use the washes to get where I need to go.”
DAVE: “ she actually should probably know, it’ll help her out knowing her house hold.”
BREE: “ no.”

*dave looks directly at Katie. As he starts bree glares at him, but then softens up and listens*
DAVE: “ well there is a system of washes going through out every city. This one has has been broken up into territories by people who lived in those washes. We have north, south, east, and west wash territories that are looked after by those who, for lack of a better word, own that territory. The end and start of a territory is marked by the bridges. You with me so far?”

*Katie nods her head and dave continues.*
DAVE (CONTINUED):” when the washes first started getting seen as territories it was by the chicanos, and the latinos, and the white boys, and the blacks. Now there was, and still is a lot of racial tention here even though it isn’t as much as it used to be. Through the period of a year, tentions rose both outside of the wash and inside of the washes. And so they would try to expand their territories into other territories. And so more and more people kept getting injured. Eventually it was getting to the point where knives and clubs weren’t doing the job enough. And so one day someone decided to use a gun. He killed two girls because they were walking thought the wash late at night, one of those girls lived a block away from his house. Once he was arrested everyone decided to meet and make the rules of the wash. She is known as peace keeper because she was at the meeting where the rules were all signed, finalized and put into place. And when someone tried to break a rule she would bunce on it. She is kinda like our own personal cop. She makes sure the rules are followed. She also runs the north side neutral wash. But she also will defend anyone that needs her help. That’s why she is peace keeper…”
KATIE: “ What are the rules?”
1) don’t fight in a neutral wash or take over neutral territory.
2) Do not pick a fight with any of the other territories unless you know all the facts and keep the violence to your wash.( aka talk to both sides and don’t start shit in public)
3) Always keep your wash clean of trash
4) Do not kill
5) Do not steal things from other washes (this includes girlfriends)
6) And if someone has a warrant do not help them, turn them into the police.
7) Do not try to expand your terrirory, all territories are equal
If you ever need help shout for it in any wash. People will help someone in need. But especially the neutral washes they will help you. If you’re brother is coming after you go straight to the washes and shout for help.”

*the grand father clock rings 4 times*
BREE: “ dave tell her anything I missed since she will be curious. I have to hurry home. Bye guys! Tell Sabrina that I stayed my shift and that I’ll talk to her when I get the chance.”

*bree slips out the back door and takes the wash the the north wash bridge and then runs the rest of the way home.*

the kitten stories (chapter 9, sober house)

Created: Jun 19, 2010


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