RE : Childhood - Memories

By Marco.Adhesive

To the person who delete stuff :  I accidentally put it in the record removal, i'm sorry ! I don't want it to be removed!

Hi everyone, this is my contribution to the collaboration "RE:Childhood".

Most of the videos that I used here to make my edit are from hitrecord, if not, they're stuff that I shot myself. I tried to use some drawings this video too, because I think that they are very important through everyone's childhood.

I love what as been done already my hitrecorders, that's why I tried to make some kind of "résumé" w/ this edit.

I could have forgot you because I used a lot of footage here, but just message me if I forgot, and I'll had you to the ressources.

Here's another edit I like by some other hitrecorder !

Just as him I'm open to any critiques or REmixes, Hope y'all enjoy watching this video & thanks for watching it,



RE : Childhood - Memories

Created: Aug 31, 2012

Tags: collaboration, childhood, edit, memories

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