By dawnofdusk

"Seven more minutes..."

Give your head to the clouds.
The sun peeks through
these concealing hands.
Rays penetrate a ghost
of the man who never was.
It's his turn to hide now.
count to ten... Ready or

not as if the difference
between these two
can be felt any longer.
How will we be ready?
Why that much preparation?
Every today is just another

tomorrow, pick another game.
Play the prince, slay the dragon.
The rules never change. No:
time-outs, do-overs, repeats
Keep the ball going, always in-

bounds and leaps, explore
the space within. It's the
only world, our single hope.
We can all fly, all defy

gravity of the situation... Heavy,
the tombstone rests upon the
sorest of shoulders, an oxen

yoke? no just egg whites
the bacon's aroma

lingers in bed, he sees

the world, through
eyelids firmly


Created: Jun 17, 2010

Tags: snooze, eyes, button, hopes, dreams, sleep, dragons

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