Caged Bird

By retrophiliac

How could this happen? These lies? These notorious victories? I stand before you with these awful thoughts in my head.
I didn't put them there. These years of watching birds change the shapes in the blinds, and listening to the train shake the entire house
have made me realize they are much more then simple distractions. They are the world. The world I am not living in.

Out there, I could be free. Inside, i'm trapped. I'm trapped to listen to these terrible sounds and these angry words.
The mood in the house changes from an uplifting light, to a dimly depressed hue.
The fan continues to spin, and my thoughts don't change. I'm surrounded by materials, and clutter of many different sorts.
I know where I am, I definitely do. However there is no one around me. It's simply that I choose to stay here.
A cage can be opened, and the bird can flee, and it flies off in the most gracious way. Sometimes, the bird will be weary.
Sometimes, scared. For the majority of times..your heart fills with hope. It leaves. Ultimately going to somewhere it wants to be.

Caged Bird

Created: Jun 17, 2010

Tags: random thoughts, monologue, cage, descriptive, trapped

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