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Twins' Dreams: Part One

By MattConley

Here is an interview I did with Dan Chandler of Massachusetts regarding a dream he had as a child. The dream is about how he perceived the "restricted area" of his neighborhood: dark, dreary, frightening, EVIL.

This is the raw footage, all primed for "Inception Dream Doc" REmixing.

"Part Two" features his twin brother, Billy, recounting similar dreams.

Twins' Dreams: Part One

Created: Jun 17, 2010

Tags: street, abstract, when, light, childhood, dark, documentary, confession, tim burton, face, swear, daniel, laugh, speaking, clip, trees, streets, tree, kid, darkness, haunt, recount, dream, beer, head, funny, remembering, creepy, scary, profanity, visual, town, past, kids, neighborhood, back, talk, haunting, young, sideburns, bike, biking, interview, remember, dreaming, small, talking, gloomy, laughing, smile, recall, where, hat, dan, nightmare

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