hitRECord photography book

By elktree

There is some fantastic photography on hitRECord.org & last year Mister B had the wonderful idea that hitrecord should create and sell a photography book and created a collab for this purpose - http://www.hitrecord.org/records/23669
- So far there have been 738 incredible entries.

Please see Mister B's original description below and hit the heart if this is something you want to see happen!!

by MisterB
I have been seeing some great photography on hitREC and thought it would be great to start a collaboration for an OFFICIAL HITRECORD.ORG PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK and (or) Photo Contest...

-What I propose is an idea to showcase a collection of photos... color, black & white, portraits, photo-documentary, abstract, lanscapes, etc. It can be a series or volume collection every year or couple of years, such as Volume I, Volume II...

As a result from this, it could even allow Joe to sell our photos to interested, select advertisers. Kind of like Getty Images, but with more artistic "class."

It could even start an annual hitREC art gallery show somewhere every year...which also leads me to...

-The idea of an annual hitREC photography contest!
This could be a photo contest where all members submit their photo(s) to a category like I mentioned above... and... the hitRECORD members could vote for their favorite photo in each category, resulting in a winner for each one. For this contest, hitREC could make money let's say, for example, $10 per image entry fee. That way, the money could be distributed to all the winners and hitREC. And the top voted photos make it into the book or show.

I've had a lot financial success from my photos the last couple of years and as a photo collection book or contest, it would be a great fine art money generator for hitREC as a production company. Just something to think about.

hitRECord photography book

Created: Jun 17, 2010


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