video for Ruin Us by The Jellybricks

By Larry

jellybricks music video ruin us

I am proud of this RECord, thus the first I am submitting. This song was written by myself with a friend, performed and recorded by my band (The Jellybricks), and this video - which is one day old, was made using Rock Band 2 by our bassplayer and resident techie, Garrick Chow. Anyone who finds this amusing or inspiring is welcome to do anything they would like with it. It might not be the best "raw material" for collaboration, per se, but it is a RECord, and I'm excited to share it with an extremely esteemed group of folks via hitRECord.

Thanks for viewing/listening!

By special agreement* with the creators of Rock Band 2, here's the video for "Ruin Us," off our most recent album, "Goodnight to Everyone." "Goodnight to Everyone" is available for download on the iTunes Store, and other digital music merchants. CDs available at and Pirated copies available on many fine BitTorrent sites.

*we agreed to pay money in return for a copy of the game

video for Ruin Us by The Jellybricks

Created: Feb 08, 2009

Tags: powerpop, jellybricks, video, ruin us, rockband

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