The Paper-Thin Touch of an Aging Fop

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An old man on the bus.

I like to take pictures of people on the bus without their knowing. Some people find this creepy. I think of it as a photo documentary, a record of what public transportation is like and the ordinary folk who use it.

This little old gentleman had the same downturned face the entire trip. You can't really see it, but his sweater was so threadbare that it had ripped in a dozen places.
Each of those places had been carefully sewn up with bright yellow thread.
I always imagined that "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" was playing on a loop inside his head.

Taken sometime during 2003 in Lansing, Michigan.

I posted this on V2, and Joe added this caption on May 24, 2007:
"Oouhp, passed it again. Christ. Gotta start paying more attention. Jesus, how long've I been saying that to myself? Promised myself, gotta be, what, forty, fifty years? Just a kid. Fifty-five, sixty? Josephine gone since... and that was nineteen--and now it's--so, Jesus, what, sixty... five years? Always getting lost then, always getting lost now. Terrific. Sixty-five years this same street, still, I miss the, turn--the uh, stop, miss my stop. Ehaaa..."

Created: Feb 07, 2009

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