It's coming together.

By goalgrabbing18

I'd like to share a segment of the story for anyone who's interested. Bear in mind that it's very early days, and the story is more just notes at the moment. I'm still being inspired. Does this person know how much they're helping me? She pretty much just wrote the entire last scene for me in one conversation. Anyway, here you go...

"It will all begin with a short montage of a morning (Breakfast and shower etc, ‘Shaun of the Dead’?). He puts on his emptiness. After his morning routine, our hero will find an old photo album and begin to flick through it. He’ll see pictures of his passed mother, and an old girlfriend. This is where the empathy (or sympathy for some) should kick in. Browsing through his mobile, he’ll find his ex’s number, echoes of an argument will pass through his mind. Phoning her, our hero arranges to meet her and talk about why things went so wrong. And so begins the inevitably fruitless quest for redemption. Our hero is yet to realise his journey is a pointless one. One that won’t fill the emptiness."

I think 'Macabre' is the word you're looking for. Forgive it's melancholy beginning, and again, it's early days. The ending is happy if that helps, it's not all as dull as this.

Back to RECORDing I suppose, I'll throw up another update when something else solidifes. I dread to think what I'd be doing with my time without this website, it's really motivated me.

Enough rambling! I have a story to write.


It's coming together.

Created: Jun 14, 2010


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