Breakfast for one

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She turned to look at him once more. It was almost definitely the last time she’d ever see him again and there was a lump in her throat the size of a lemon.
The door creaked much louder than usual. She cursed silently as he awoke.
“Hey, where are you going?” his voice was heavy with sleep and his eyes weren’t even open properly yet.
Thank God, she thought, he can’t see my tears.
“I’m just going to make some breakfast, I’ll be right back.” She found speaking difficult but she managed to make herself sound normal.
“Mhmmmfmm…” he was already falling asleep again.
She held her position for a second, weighing her options. She could just go, she could leave him sleeping here peacefully. It’d be so much easier. No, she couldn’t go knowing the last thing she’d said was a lie.
Eggs, bacon, beans and toast. Just that and no more. If she stayed any longer she might never leave. This was for the best, he’d understand.
The toaster popped just as she turned the bacon and a second later the microwave pinged to let her know the beans were warmed through. Footsteps, heavy footsteps. She could almost see him stretching as he walked, his t-shirt pulling up above his navel. She smiled before she could catch herself.
“Good morning, how come you’re dressed already?” he kissed her cheek. “And why is there only enough for one?”

Created: Aug 24, 2012


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