the little shack

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walking around in the endless maze that is my mind. i come across a little path, a narrow road i have not walked...

trees on both sides of all kinds and colors arch over the road.. as i walk, a cool wind comes around and make the leaves rustle.. like an endless deep breath....i close my eyes and feel the breeze, and listen to the sounds of the trees. just for a second, i stood still, and enjoyed the symphony they played. i walk to the end of the road where the daylight meets the moon. just a the edge of the road on a valley down below, stood a little shack...a sad sight, it seemed.. but under the red lit sky of an endless dusk, it glowed. at the foot of the hill, the shadow of an old soul leaned back against a rock. as i drew closer the old soul sat up slightly looked back and smiled..welcomed back, it said... you havent been here in a while.

as i stood there confused... he stood up and said.. come on in ill show you around.

welcome, to KOKORO... he said... isnt that japanese? i asked. it is, he sorry but i think we misplaced the keys, do you happen to have a spare..he asked. i stood there silently trying to figure out why he was asking me for a key and why he called that place KOKORO. well i guess you dont.. he said see the last person that was here took the keys with them, and now we are locked out. the person who build this place only made one set of keys. its a shame because it is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen. since i cant give a tour i guess ill just tell you about this place. the foundation is made of the thoughest material know to man..he said as we walked toward the little shack. the walls are made from the finest of material... and the roof is built with the most durable and by far the strongest...wait a minute!! i interrupted...we just walked around the place, and this ugly little shack does not seem even worth the time nor effort..

he smiled and politely said.. son let me tell you whats inside...

i know on the outside doesnt seem like much, ill give you that...but follow me ill take you inside...i thought you said there was no key.. i replied.. just close your eyes and follow me.. he said

he lead me trough a secret entrance only he your eyes.. he said...we are at the front door.

as i opened my eyes he said just follow me and see for yourself...

we took two steps and i had to stop. on the wall to my right there was a painting of a sunset. as i touched it, it changed colors, as i ran my hand across it, it changed scenaries..the paint ocupied the whole wall and somehow radiated with light..

i turned around and looked across the hall was a window from side to side with drapes of radiant colors, the type of colors you could only see when the sunlight hits the ice caps..they even moved just like it as the wind blew.

in the middle of the living room was a grand piano. i walked up to it and ran my hand slowly across its keys and an amazing sound resonated from its strings.

the old man sat in front of the piano and played the most amazing song i have ever was sad, but strong, and it sounded like his soul was pouring out through the music..

it felt like the world was shaking in a crescendo of sound and melody and then simered down to a soft wisper of pure melodic ecstasy

then i noticed a comforting scent of flowers.. a mixture of roses, and jasmines, and lilies emitting from a vase at the end of the room..

a mixture of scents coming from the most beautiful single flower, one that i have never seen. waves of different scents came from the flower every time i took a breath. every scent better than the one before.

the third wall had no colors, just a black wall with drawings on white pencil. it had drawings of all sorts, sketches of all kinds of interesting things. they all looked like doodles, at first glance, but as i stepped back to take a better look at the wall, they all came together and made a breath taking picture.

as i looked amazed up and down the wall, my eyes met the ceiling.

i saw a shoting star fly by... i looked up at the ceiling and saw nothing but a breath taking night sky.

a full moon and a starry sky, scattered clouds complimented the beautiful night.

i couldnt believe i didnt notice it before. how could i have missed such a astonishing sight.

as i contemplated on the night sky, the old man put his hand on my shoulder and said.. its time to go..there is much more to this beautiful place, but we are out of time.

as we made our way to the door he said..notice the door has no lock, but it still needs a key

you can come in and out when you please...but if you ever want to bring someone in... if you want them to enjoy all the rooms and everything this place has to offer.. they need the key.

this little shack is called KOKORO.. its your heart, your soul... he said

the foundation is made of the thoughest material know to man..Hope, because hope is the last to go when everything else is gone

the walls are made from the finest of material...your Dreams, because it your dreams that make you who you are as a person

and the roof is built with the most durable and by far the strongest of all...Love, because love can keep your Hopes and Dreams alive

KOKORO is where all your Hopes, your Dreams, and Love come together

its where we hope to bring the person with the key to our heart

as i looked at the shack i realized why he was so excited to show me... why i was expecting a key..

soon, i told him...soon

he smirked that crooked smile that i had only seen in the mirror, and said...soon

Created: Aug 24, 2012

Tags: story, fiction, dialogue

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