Willpower (10 Minute Writing Challenge)

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Breakfast is a battle.

That must sound ridiculous to you. I know it that it would've to me before as well. What I mean is that I know I sound silly and that you are permitted to snicker.

My first option is to tap out entirely and have nothing. There are several problems with this strategy, namely that by lunchtime I will be so famished I will end up stuffing my face, thus defeating the entire object of dieting. There are also the past incidents where my blood-sugar became so low I started to feel funny - sweaty and weird.

Skipping isn't an option.

The next test is one of choice - what shall I have?

I usually go with cereal. An apple if I'm feeling especially daring and longing for a real challange.

My biggest luxury at breakfast time is a cup of tea. I just cannot give that up and the calories are negligable. Sometimes I'll grab a latte from Costa if I'm feeling especially indulgent, but that always feels like a white flag. But they are also tasty and therefore worth it from time to time.

This is the first battle of the day. Lunch and tea are still to come.

Created: Aug 24, 2012


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