A Morning Feat?

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Oooooh breakfast? who me? Don't think so. Don't think I could stomach it.

Oooooh stomach it? Stomach what? That food, not for me.

Oooooh not for me? What dya mean? not for me, but for he...

Ooooh for he? Who? Not me. He is the guy to see.

Ooooh to see? Interesting choice of verb. Why to see? Why not feed?

Ohoho not feed. Feed what? Feed breakfast? Don't think so, past it's sell-by-date.

Past it's sell-by-date? What's this? Another morning feat?

A morning feat? Don't think so. Couldn't be. Just another meal.

Just another meal? Could hardly be. Maybe most important feed?

Quiet, you must eat.

Created: Aug 24, 2012


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