Touch of Evil

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I started playing this board game called "A Touch of Evil" and everytime you play you get really into the game and the story. soo anyways my idea that i want to do is an animation series based off of this game. basically you have a ton  of characters to choose from and you pick your character then at random you choose a villian. there are villians such as the scarecrow, the headless horseman, a vampire, the unspeakable horrors, wearwolf, grave digger,and ect. every deamon has a minion and you go throughout the game finding things and items to makeyou stronger and make you capable of fighting the villian. but thereis a time limit.thetime is taken by the shadow track which always moves a step closer to darkness which also makes the villian that much stronger. everytime you play the game is always different, and the outcome changes all the time. so i was wanting to make an animated series and we would play a game and write it as we play through it, and make a story board and let the game write its self as an episode  but then add in detail and dialogue. the onlyproblem is that i cant draw or animate. i am looking for someone who is artistic and is willing to work on this with me. i need voice actors too but im more worried about animaters at this point than voices.

Created: Aug 24, 2012

Tags: monsters, series, animated, a touch of evil, board game, horse, animators

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