RE: Accents with Bettina (raw footage)

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Because my mom is an immigrant, I thought she'd be an interesting candidate to interview for Metaphorest's collab RE: Accents!

She's originally from the Philippines so she has a Filipino accent, but because she has lived in the U.S. for thirty years, she has also developed an American one. She has a strange hybrid of the two. 

This is raw footage so video editors can have their way with it. I asked her questions from Metaphorest's text RE: Accents and then had some follow up questions of my own. At the end, I asked her to read a Tiny Story in her American accent and her Filipino accent.

Please excuse some giggles from me; I couldn't help it. 

Created: Aug 24, 2012

Tags: immigrant, tagalog, american, accents, filipino

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