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So I've been thinking of this story for a while now.  All I have so far is a love story about two 18 year olds who are forced to break up due to growing up and stuff.  It goes beyond average high school "I think you're cute" love.  Had it not been for their different directions in life, they would still be together and remain together for life; that kind of love.  

Well as it turns out, on their last night together, they get into a serious car accident and both of them end up in a coma.  As tragic as this may be, something amazing happens; they have an out of body experience that allows them to spend borrowed time with one another.  

They do all of the things they just never had time for and wonder what life would be like together had they stayed together.  The ending I have in mind is something like one of them is dying and is forced to move on, leaving the other the option to die with them or return to their body.

I don't know what it all really means or if it can make for a coherent story, but the idea seemed interesting enough. I just started "officially" writing and am still trying to learn what this site is all about so bear with me.  All of the in-between parts are still fuzzy but i guess that is why we collaborate.

Would love to hear some feedback...Spanks :)

Created: Aug 24, 2012

Tags: choices, love

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