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The song inspired me to write some lyrics! They don't go with the piano but once I heard the song I just started typing what I felt. I've never written a song before so I'm really excited! 


I’m running away from you

Im running away from us

All that we used to have just isn’t enough

For me no more,

No more.


You say we’ll be fine

Yeah I know we’ll be fine

But I could be fine

Be just fine

Without you

Without you…


Yeah you say, you say we’ll be fine

But I’ll be fine on my own,

I’m going home without you.

Without you.


You can say what you want

What you want about me,

Like I’m over-reacting

And I run from all my problems

But guess what,

My only problems you…


Cause I’m running away someday

I’ll be ok

You just stay with her.

Cause now she’s all that you have left

And I’ll be just fine someday

I’ll wake up and you

Won’t be on my mind.

I’ll be ok,

Someday without you.




Created: Aug 24, 2012

Tags: song, running away, music

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