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I happen to be a person that possesses the gift of having time to look out of the window. I do that on a basis of a longer period of time. So in this enduring process I can find answers to questions I never thought I would be able to ask and answer myself. Now, in this case I was able to study human behavior on the example of cows.

As it is, when I look out of the window, I can see, some time in the year, a bunch of cows strolling round and eating grass all the time.

I, myself, find cows very interesting. I find it especially when it comes to their social behavior. Considering that cows, however, are not human and therefore have quite different physical extensions, it is only important to think in the context of a cow to be able to understand that these creatures sometimes seem to handle their social surrounding in a more efficient way.

The physical extension of the eyes do differ between us and cows. Cows normally have their eyes more like on the side of their faces than, like us, on the fronts. So cows sometimes don't see what we can see and vice versa.

So, looking out of the window, with my eyes on the front, I could witness several times that one cow bunched another. They normally did this with their head. Interestingly this was a phenomena of singularity, which here means, a cow bunched another and nothing more happened (of course sometimes the bunched cow bunched the other back but this happened only on Sundays, which means, like once in a week). I then asked myself the question (which I would not have done had I not been considering all this): Why doesn' the other cow bunch the other cow back?

So this question raised some other questions. Why is that a cow bunches another? What must a cow do to be bunched? To find the answers I thought I have to look out of the window. So I did and in this course I happened to become being a cow and felt almost sure I was standing down there and tearing up the grass. Slowly but surely I became comfortable with that and went further to graze another beautiful spot of delicious grass. It went on and on and on...

But then it happened, the one thing I was waiting for (though I was rather distracted by the process of eating and therefor had to remember that this was the reason why I was here): I got bunched by a cow. I must say, I was rather shocked at first, and even more, when this cow made no attempt to go out of my way. I got a bit angry and more and more. I looked at the cow with even more growing anger. "What is your problem, girl?", I asked she in silence. Funnily, she returned a reply not in words but in motion. She looked at me with humor in her eyes, then turned around half a clock, stretched up her tail and let go. And then she turned her head again, looked at me and still had her smile (At this point my rage was high, so high, I could have burned). So I wanted to be a cow no more and was standing behind the window again.

So I looked from there and saw, to my relief, that the cow that thought was bunched (this cow was me), had in reality however been bunched only but a little.

Had she not bunched me a little this would have ended in a disastrous collision. So she saw me coming and bunched me a little, saying: "Hey girl, watch your step!"I thought this lovely and went on to be a cow again and seeing a cow coming towards me bunched her a little and smiled.


Created: Jun 13, 2010


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