'Breakfast': A Painting by Gustavous Finch.

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'Breakfast', a painting by world unknown artist Gustavous Finch arrived at its basement destination quite predictably at a breakfast time. The chances were high. The painting laboured thick with the earthiness of deep greens, browns and yellows in no way related to the concept of breakfast. A translation error at low level staffing had sealed its fate to be forever deemed as such. The painting, intended as an homage to his beloved home country, had promised Gustavous his final break into the world of success he had long visualised.

Initial interest had raised his hopes higher than his stringy beard could reach above his head.  But the grotesque nature of the title, that once heard appalled the delicate nature of the inhibited local art critic, wrapped the dedicated work in coffined tissue paper, crated express. Gustavous Finch, world unknown artist, slipped dimly, rather confused, from the scene.

In the box swamped basement of a distant Finch relative sits A Painting by Gustavous Finch. Only the faintest stream of dusty light arriving each morning from the street above admires the rustic farm scene, a lonely woman surrounded by fields of corn, caressing her favourite pig.

Created: Aug 23, 2012


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