Breaking the Fast

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I'm a mover, a shaker, a thinker. I'm a citizen of the world, an advocate for society. What I do makes a difference. Eat organic, I say. No need for pesticides. Bugs are our friends. As a contributing member of the planet earth I must do my part. I am the future. Why should I have everything when others have nothing? No, not me. I must sacrifice for the greater good. I must fast for those who have no choice not to. I can go with less, I must go with less. I shall do a daily fast. That will send a message. But when shall the fast start, I wonder? I'll need something to start the day, to give me the energy to endure the fast for the long haul.

Who needs lunch? People all over the world go without lunch and I can too! Not a problem, I will rely on the energy around me to get me through the day.... (grumble, grumble, grumble). Oh no, clearly lunch is not the time to start skimping. Lunch is needed to endure the fast that will happen when lunch concludes. Not a problem, not a problem. I'm still in it for the greater good. Just a small meal, I say. After lunch I am refreshed, a new person if you will, a person who is in it for the greater good. I am ready to take on this world, one fast at a time.

Who needs dinner? Dinner is just to cap off the day, I've already gotten through the day, who needs another meal?...(grumble, grumble, grumble). Just a small dinner. That won't be so bad. Just to tie me over for the fast. I'll feel better. I"ll feel more empowered. With dinner done I can start the fast. I will rely on my stored energy to get me through. So many people don't have the option. So I will choose this fast for them. But what will I do while I fast? Something to empower those around me, I say. But now I am very tired. This fast must be making me tired. I will rest while I fast. Conserve the energy for all those in the world who don't have a choice. I'll just lie here on my bed and rest.......

(Alarm sounds).

Morning is here! What a successful fast. Eight hours of fasting complete. I have done my part. But now it is time to break the fast. Break the fast so I will have energy for today's fast. I'll need to power up, to conserve my energy. Eggs, toast, bacon, fruit... breakfast is here. I break this fast in honor of those in the world who cannot.

Created: Aug 23, 2012


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