Sometimes It's Special

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It belongs to every morning. Maybe it's not the first thing, but it comes along sooner of later.

Usually it's sensible: bread and yoghurt and juice and nuts.

Sometimes it's meager: glass of water and a banana.

Sometimes it's filling: the full English.

Sometimes it's miserable: whatever alcohol you can find.

Sometimes it's ridiculous: bacon doughnuts and fruit salad with marshmallows.

Then there are the days when it's not only about the food:

It's trying to decide which tea would suit the mood and whether to drink it from the plain mugs or the ones adorned with butterflies.

It's bumping elbows with each other while trying to make scrambled eggs in the too small kitchen, especially since it doesn't really require two people.

It's about discussions that are still fresh after the well slept night.

It's about the friendly silence that holds so much potential.

It's about the laughter that will set the mood for the whole day. 

It's about the feeling of sunshine even on a rainy day.

Those days, it truly is the most important meal of the day.

Created: Aug 23, 2012

Tags: prose

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