CREate / REC Shirt

By MattConley

What happens when you move the "C" in "CREATE" to the right of the "E" and color in the "C," "R," and "E" red?

This probably could use a graphic to make it more eye-catching and less of just a play on words.

Maybe horrorshock's "RECrobot" should be added?

CREate / REC Shirt

Created: Jun 13, 2010

Tags: shirt, e, rearrange, letter, rec, letters, drawn, drawing, graphics, style, line, blue, merchandise, tee shirt, lines, t-shirt, play, remix, r, word, point, arrange, collab, recstore, sale, type, hand drawn, record, look, arrow, store, font, c, 7, pointing, create, design, words, merch

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