Texas Breakfast

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Breakfast in Austin. Breakfast Taco? Breakfast Beer? both? It's really very hot here. So hot...one must power up for the day with something both nutritious and bold. Lone Star Beer has at least 20 vitamins and minerals needed to get a Texan thru to lunch time. Well, Okay I just made that up but, It does kick start the Texas Attitude for the day with a breakfast taco...preferably bacon egg and cheese..but, In austin we do love the avocado which is a perfect substitute for the bacon and the egg...and the cheese. vegans can easily enjoy an avocado and tomato and pepper taco in the morning and still feel like washing it down with a Lone Star or a Shiner. It's really hot. Did I mention that? also, we ride our bikes to work in Austin so...you really pretty much sweat off the beer on your ride to work.

Created: Aug 23, 2012


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