traditional art revival day

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it's an age wherein we in the art community have been blessed with all the tools and technology we need to virtually record/create, save, and share the products of our imagination. gone are the days when video editing took countless physical rewinds and films were too precious to be wasted on so-so shots.

while this makes everything easier and more efficient for us, sometimes I wonder if the passion we exert is still as much as we would have if we knew that our time, resources, and energy are of value.

it would be nice if we could gather everyone, artist or not, and dedicate a day to create something [artwork or video or photo or whatever] with traditional tools. it's also a good way to practice our craft.

for one day, let us all put aside our iphones and graphic tablets; take hold of those old school film cams and brushes, and remember how it felt when first we held them back in gradeschool :)

Created: Aug 23, 2012


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