Standing on top of the World

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Standing on top of the world
Lights flashing, cars moving
People bustling from place to place without a care
Never stopping, constantly in motion
I can finally see my life for what it is

To the left of me lies my past
Covered windows, children crying
Being abused, both mentally and physically
Yet I still see hope and determination
Strength to rise above what they're expected to become
To become a better person, a better man, a better father

In front of me lies an outline, a blueprint of things to come
A path yet to be blazed, with two distinct possiblilties
I can see the break in it, with two separate directions
One leading back towards the left, to become what is expected of me
And one to the right, towards bright lights emanating change

And to the right is a path covered by brightness
Sight seen, yet sight unseen
There will be a change here, a leap from the pain
This path leads towards the ultimate reward
To the final fulfillment of a boyhood dream

I began to walk down that path today
Towards change, a new beginning
Finally, fully, accepting that I could escape my past
By taking a leap of faith
By embracing my future

Created: Aug 22, 2012

Tags: prose, poetry

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