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wirrow, our Global Curator, has just started a collaboration entitled "Monsters VS. KIds" which combines the Monster City Collaboration with the Character Collab. The premise involves a group of Monsters who invade a city and a team of Characters (preferably kids) who band together - zombie movie style - and face the Monsters. 

The story is to be told through illustrative journal entries, so both sides of the story will be told through this concept.

Here is the link to the collaboration:


Here's how you can contribute to the "Kids VS. Monsters" collaboration:

ILLUSTRATORS: This story will be told through illustrations, so please create new characters for both sides of the story (Monsters & Kids.)

IMAGE CURATORS: Search through both the Monster City Collaboration & Character Collab and curate albums of your favorite character contributions (preferably kids.) This curation will be key to helping Writers come up with the stories.

Created: Aug 22, 2012

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