This Bitch Said I Was Pathetic Because I Don't Sleep Around

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So the statement was made, "When you gon start sleeping round like everybody else?"

I told her, "Fuck fornication, fuck pornography and fuck masturbation; Fuck ALL premarital sexual activity"

What did fornication ever do for me? I could sleep with ten whores tonight and my bills still are going to have to be paid, I'll still have to go to work, and I'll still be alive on this pathetic excuse for a planet

What did masturbation ever do for me? Can masturbation buy me a car? Can masturbation help the starving children in America, Africa, and all over the world? So I'm just to be a self indulgent weirdo while the world burns? Fuck that

What's the point of pornography? A bunch of surgically enhanced morons screaming and shouting and putting on a performance in order to distract us from the fucked up situations in the world! Children are being beaten raped and tortured all over and I'm gonna sit my ass up with my dick in my hand and pretend it doesnt exist? That's bullshit and that's how I feel about it! I think its bullshit!

So again I say, fuck fornication, fuck masturbation, fuck pornography! Fuck em all to the fires of hell

You know why she judges me? Cause she used to fuck for money! That's right! She sat up and gaped her legs open and thought fucking any and every body would get her money!

What kind of a world we live in when a man gets more respect coming out of prison than he does high school or even college!

You wanna indulge in the bullshit? That's your choice! As for me, I choose life dammit and that more abundantly!

I'm not about to put my life on hold just to dance around with the HIV virus or father a baby I can't take care of!

I don't give a fuck what they say about natural instincts and healthy sexual relationships! Having a lot of promiscuous sex is like playing Russian roulette with your dick every night and I dont believe in no candy ass bullshit gambling!

What I look like? "Hi, AIDS come on in! Can't wait to die from ya!"

I'm not homosexual, either! This is not a knock on them but every time I say I'm not promiscuous, some dumb country ignorant intolerant fuck asks me am I gay! I'm not homosexual and I don't have to dignify their bullshit with an answer!

I'm alone, not because I want to be but because I have to be! Women are disgusted by me because my dick isn't the size of Ron Jeremy's, I don't have the George Clooney, Denzel Washington good looks, and I don't have the Donald Trump bank account.

Created: Aug 22, 2012

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