What if it rains?

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“We’ve been invited to a wedding.”
“Oh another one. Who and when?”
“Dunno when yet.”
“What do you mean you don’t know?”
“Maybe a year and a half from now?”
“Eighteen months from now!”
“More or less, yeah.”
“Somewhere grand and beautiful maybe? Or they might want something a little elopey.”
“Okaaay. Dress code, colours, do they have anything sorted at all.”
“Who invites someone to a wedding before anything has even been thought out? They don’t even have a date, seriously?”
“This is exactly what I’m always talking about! People rush into things without thinking, without assessing the risk, without a backward glance and waste money on something they’ll regret a year later! I mean, WE might not even be together in a year, know what I mean? I love you, I really do, but anything could happen between then and now. What if you suddenly realise that you can’t stand the smell of my hair? BAM! We break up and then what? Do we still go to the wedding? What if they’ve sat us together for the whole thing? What if we’ve both started new relationships and we want to bring our new partners? What if I DIE? Could you still go? Knowing that we’d planned to be there together?”
“Life is so crazy, how can you be sure that in eighteen months, the plans that you made today will be enough?”
“How can you know that you won’t be a totally different person? That the world won’t be a different place?”
“Who is it? Who’s getting married? Do I know them?”
“I was hoping it would be us.”
"I'm thinking semi-formal."

Created: Aug 22, 2012


L.Wreiss Document Media