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1- I grew up with three brothers that’s why I tried to pee like a boy when I was young (I failed)

2- When I was in high school I always spent my time with boys

3- I’m 26 and one of my brothers still call me with an horrible nickname (which one means ass in French)

4- I still wear the ring my best friend offered me when I was 14 even if it’s broken.

5- I can’t keep in my mind what I think about something or someone

6- I prefer that someone hates me that make think anything about me

7- I hate lies

8- I started using makeup one year ago

9- When I buy something for me I have to give something to someone else (often my mom) to not feeling guilty

10- When I drink too much I’ve black hole

11- When I have to choose, I’d rather like to be with my family than with my friends

12- My best friend says I’m not enough selfish

13- He said that I’m a troublemaker too

14- I’m shy so I‘m afraid of doing something new but I’m very curious too. I have to fight against my shyness every time.

15- I like to go to my teenage cousins’facebook and read what she and her friends say with funny voices and it makes my friends laugh…

16- My sisters in law think my family is strange, I think we’re just different and fun…

17- But when my friends came home when I was young they always said that my family was cool and they felt like part of the family.

18- When I watch a football game with my dad and my brothers (it is not as often as when I was young) we get up during the National Anthem and sing it with our hand on the heart. Sometimes I think we should film us because we look fun !

19- I’ve been an actress one time in my life. It was in my brother’s movie. At the beginning of the movie I was the victim who was shot and fell in the bushes. We made the scene a lot of time and I had a lot of scratches. As I died in the beginning of the movie I was upset and my brother gave me another role, I was the sexy detective’s secretary. It was a big role who consisted to show the breasts I didn’t have yet and talk like a stupid girl. Unfortunately my brother erased the movie one month later.

20- In high school I was imitating my teacher when he came behind me. Everyone was laughing I thought my imitation was good when I return my self and find my teacher in front of me I knew I was wrong. Fortunately that teacher liked me, he smiled.

21- The same year I was hated by another teacher who said a lot of bad things about me to the others teachers during class council.

22- Like all the girls I can do a lot of things in the same time, talk and listen to someone, work in my computer and watch TV.

23- I’m French but I don’t eat frogs or snails.

24- I’m never moody at work and my colleagues tell me that sometimes I’m tiring because of that

25- When I have a problem I talk to myself to find a way to fix the problem

Created: Aug 22, 2012


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