Morgan's Music Shirt

By MattConley

Here's a Triple M shirt with Sara Nova's ingenious imagery altered ever so slightly with touches of red, and then combined with the glorious fonts of thatsthewayitgoes.

Morgan's Music Shirt

Created: Jun 12, 2010

Tags: numbers, mmm, artist, red, joe, black, mattconley, white, lip, black and white, graphic, tee shirt, shirt, t-shirt, morgan m. morgansen, destiny, linear, lexy, notes, type, triple M, hitrecord, regularjoe, word, lines, fonts, collab, new, number, style, lexy hulme, matt, merchandise, art, sheet music, nathan johnson, line, jgl, typeface, merch, font, score, create, lula, note, redlips, lips, front, words, matt conley, design, store

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