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When we’re together I find it hard to resist you,

It’s hard not to kiss you.

...but I don’t want to put you in an awkward position, by putting you in an awkward position.

but I do love you…I do need you…

I’m blinded by these women, but I do see you.

Im so high in the clouds, and you’re the angel guiding me…

Im a music note, and you’re tied to me,

so lets rest together…

lets invest together…

Lets join hands and test forever.

Lets never split,

A relationship is holy so lets cherish it.

No lies, no embellishment…

I'm hell destined and your heaven sent..

truly opposites….

lets top the list….

Get married and pop some Chris…

And at the honey moon you can pop for Chris.

Im hot for you,

full of hate, but not for you.

Im full of aches

Full of pains

till you came and renewed my brain.

So I cried in the rain,

but the rain was stealth…

I felt your pain so I came to help.

Its insane we met,

Now no matter how many cards are delt our game is set.

So now its you and me till someone’s brain is dead….

and Even then our souls will remain connect

Created: Aug 22, 2012


CjFlo Document Media