Im just a simple girl trying to find her way in life

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I use to wite everyday , sometimes three times a day , but lately ive been feeling less insparation in myself and its been driving me crazy , i try to write but only 2 words come to mind love and hate. But why these words? i have no clue.  its driving me crazy i feel like ive lost all ability to focus on what i love to do , on what i need to do , writing for some people its homework , for me it makes my feelings comes out the way i need it too , its how i express my emotions ,the way i feel , the way i need people to see me , i may not be the best but i try and succeed as much ad i can , i know im an ordinary girl who lives in ottawa ontario but ima simple girl with a big image upon herself , a simple girl whos just trying to find herself in a big wide world of love and hate .

Created: Aug 22, 2012


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